× 20 Centavos Pelo Brasil

20 Centavos Pelo Brasil

A mídia social tem desempenhado um papel fundamental na organização do protestos públicos e em manter manifestantes em contato um com o outro.

Pensei que seria maneiro tentar acompanhar e visualizar isso em tempo real em outras cidades alem da minha.

20 Cents Throughout Brazil

20 Cents Throughout Brazil

Initially sparked by increased fares on public transport and exacerbated by the people's deep dissatisfaction with the financial management of the country, there currently is wide unrest and rioting in many Brazilian cities.

Social media has played a key role in the organization of public outcry and in keeping protesters in touch with one another.

I thought it would be neat to try to track and visualize that in real time in other cities besides mine.

Patrioticamente feito por Joao Sa
Patriotically made by Joao Sa